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  • Engraved taillights are a unique customization for cars.
  • EtcheddOut owner Tesharni shares how she engraves taillights with koi fish, dragons, and more.
  • Engraving a single taillight takes up to three days.

Following is a transcript of the video.

Narrator: These taillights have been transformed into works of art with intricate engravings. Dragons, koi fish, and flowers are just a few of the many design options that TikTok user Tesharni shows off on her channel, EtcheddOut.

Tesharni started her business after wanting a different kind of customization for her car. After local engravers turned down her idea for engraved taillights, she decided to do it herself. After four years of engraving taillights for friends and family, she turned her art into a business.

 Tesharni starts the process by drawing a design that is achievable and that fits her customer’s vision. When she receives the lights, she assesses their depth to ensure the rotary  tool won’t puncture them. 

Once she finalizes the design, she carefully draws an outline on the lights, making sure the placement is perfect and the lights match up. Then, the engraving process begins. 

Using the outline as a reference, Tesharni takes the rotary to the lights. She often perfects the design as she goes, sometimes straying from the outline. A steady hand is needed to get each detail engraved perfectly into the plastic, and one mistake could ruin it.

After engraving is complete, the lights then undergo a sanding and polishing to remove any melted plastic caused by the rotary. The engraved lines are carefully sanded for a crisp finish.  

Last, the lights go to a local paint shop, where they are primed with a high-quality 2K clear coat. This added layer prevents any damage or cracking in the taillights that temperature changes could cause.

The lights are then ready to be sent back to the customer and reinstalled onto their car. 

There is a two-to three-week turnaround for Tesharni’s custom taillight engravings, and she spends about a day engraving each light. Bigger lights can take two to three days to complete. Taillight age is an important factor, too, as older lights can take longer and be more complicated due to how brittle their plastic is.


Tesharni showcases her custom work engraving other car parts, including engine covers and front grilles, on her TikTok channel as well, but the focus remains on the head-turning taillights. The final product is highlighted by the red and orange hues of brake lights and blinkers, and the lights remain completely functional and visible.



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