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July 27, 2022 by No Comments

The Isipingo Police Vehicle Pound on Refinery Drive has come under attack by brazen criminals following two attempts to steal car parts, recently.

What is supposed to be regarded as a national key point where dozens of armed men and women in blue are visibly noticed, the police pound was still broken into.

It is alleged that the first incident occurred at the beginning of this month while the second incident took place almost two weeks ago.

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Reacting to the news, chairperson of the Isipingo Community Policing Forum, Aidan David, said it was disturbing to hear that criminals had the audacity to attempt stealing from a police impound. He claimed that the criminals were residing at an informal settlement located in close proximity to the police pound.

“The shocking thing is that the pound has a police station operating on the premises which just shows that these criminals are acting out of desperation because things have gone very bad now. If the minister of police and his staff cannot look after themselves as the South African Police Services, then how are they going to look after the community at large? It is a worrying factor,” he said.

David claimed that one of the reasons the criminals were targeting the pound was because they could no longer easily steal from people’s homes as the Community Policing Forum (CPF) members had strengthened patrols in the area.

This was making it much harder for criminals to break into people’s homes.

“I want to congratulate the CPF for a sterling job with the patrols. I always encourage residents to participate in the patrols rather than becoming complainants. People are quick to complain about the escalating crime but I always ask them, what they are doing about it. They complain while sitting at home when they could be assisting so I am urging members of the community to join the patrols and play a role in keeping our community safe,” he said.

Speaking on the latest attempt, provincial SAPS spokesperson, Lt Col Nqobile Gwala, said, “I can confirm that there was an alleged attempted theft by two people at the SAPS vehicle pound in Isipingo. However, police were able to arrest two wounded suspects following a shootout between those suspects and the police. During the process, no police were reported injured. The two suspects are in hospital under police guard and charges of theft, attempted murder and unlawful possession of a firearm are being investigated currently.”

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Lt Col Gwala said that the prevention of the theft and the arrest of the suspects are indicative that the property of the pound is adequately secured.

“The police will not comment on the security of any of its precincts for security reasons,” she said in closing. Isipingo residents, who would like to join the patrols or be added to the …….



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