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Water logging is a common problem during monsoon season across the country. From damaging engines to ruining accessories it is seen as a big threat to vehicles running on the roads. However, with monsoon already knocking on the door, you can prepare your vehicle for unforeseen circumstances by taking certain additional covers.  

“People frequently look for the most common add-ons when purchasing a car insurance policy, such as Return to Invoice, Zero Depreciation, and Key and Lock Replacement Cover. While these are some important add-ons that make the motor insurance coverage more comprehensive, there are some lesser-known add-ons like Roadside Assistance, Engine Protection Cover etc. that are far more important. These covers protect your vehicle from some of the most common damages that can occur during the monsoon season. With floods, water logging, and cyclones becoming more common throughout the country, it is critical that you purchase these coverages when purchasing or renewing your auto insurance policy,” said Ashwini Dubey, Head- Motor Renewals,
Here are a few add-ons covers that can help you sail through during the monsoon season.  

Engine Protection

Due to water logging, the water may reach some important parts of the vehicle causing engine damage. To avoid paying the high cost of repairing an engine one can consider buying an Engine Protection cover. It protects the engine of your vehicle against any possible damages, as a regular motor insurance policy does not cover damages to the engine due to water. The premium is usually 0.15 per cent to 0.20 per cent of the Insured Declared Value (IDV).

Roadside Assistance

Getting stranded on the road for long hours is a common problem we encounter during monsoons. To ease out the stress of getting caught in traffic motor insurance policy comes with an add-on called Roadside Assistance. This add-on in case of a breakdown offers roadside assistance from professionals in the minimum time possible. Depending upon the IDV of your vehicle the add-on generally comes at a cost of Rs 150 – 500. 

Car Accessories

Monsoon can also damage the accessories of your car if the water seeps inside your car. The good news is there is also an add-on cover to protect the accessories of your car such as rubber mats, headlights, wiper and mud flaps.

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