Trash picked up along the river mostly Styrofoam, plastic bottles, say Riverkeeper –

January 5, 2022 by No Comments

According to the tweet, the Riverkeeper hosted 14 cleanup days and had over 150 volunteers help to collect litter and trash. 

Styrofoam and plastic bottles were the number one and number two types of litter found on and near the river.   Plastic bags, miscellaneous plastic and beverage cans rounded our the list.

In addition to the standard littler collected, some unusual items like “several creepy toys (including a dismembered doll head, a trashy my little pony, and a weird Christmas pickle), a pair of foam mattress toppers that were a pain to drag out of the water, an ironically discarded adopt-a-street sign, and almost enough car parts and tires to build a new vehicle,” according to the report. 

To see the full list of data and the cleanup report, click here. 



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