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A Brazilian man is going viral on the Internet for his “jugaad”. He has used parts from scrapped cars to build a helicopter which actually flies!

In a video going viral across social media, a scruffy chopper made with discarded car parts and reportedly powered by a Volkswagen Beetle’s engine was seen flying. The video, originating from Rio Grande do Norte (RN), has taken social media by storm with people saying, “have never seen something like this” and “it’s crazy” to see the aircraft take off smoothly.

Watch the video here:

According to local news outlet Caico, it was designed and made by a resident of the city of João Dias who wanted to ride a helicopter and never managed to, so decided to build his own aircraft.

People were seen gathering out on the street, which the talent man used as a run way to fly his aircraft, wowing all gathered to witness the amazing sight.

The man identified as Genesis Gomes by G1 Globo said he has been interested in aviation since childhood and anyone in his town knows about him for a parked aircraft outside his home. However, the one he was onboard recently that went viral, isn’t build by him he clarified.

“There was the gyroscope of a friend of mine, from Catolé do Rocha, Paraíba. It was the first time. We flew over the city of João Dias very high. It was really good”, he said. The flight took place at an aviation event in the city of Paraíba, where he was invited to exhibit the aircraft.

“The aircraft’s engine is from a Volkswagen Beetle, but it also has motorcycle, truck, car and bicycle parts. All materials purchased in scrap metal. Even the faucet at the mother’s house became a piece for the plane,” the report added.

Although he couldn’t fly his own plane yet, he has taken a lot of suggestions from people he met at the aviation event and promise to work on his design to realise his dream of flying his own chopper one day.



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