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This is the tv show I didn’t know I was waiting for. If you were born and raised here in New Jersey then you’re long familiar with “Weird NJ.” It started out as just a magazine and became a website.

Now it’s becoming a TV show.

In case you’ve been living under the same kind of rock the Jersey Devil is said to be trapped under in Mount Holly, “Weird NJ” covers the offbeat. The folklore of New Jersey. The urban legend. The oddities. And the downright terrifying tales every teenager has told their friends in every corner of the state.

The Devil’s Tree in Bernards Township, which is said to bring untimely ends to anyone who tries harming it.

The Devil’s Tower in Alpine where a female ghost is said to approach your car if you drive in reverse in a circle around it three times.

Dead Man’s Curve bridge where a young boy is said to haunt and will throw coins back up to you if you toss them off the bridge.

So many legends that are fun to at least explore. Sony Pictures Television agrees.

They have bought the rights to “Weird NJ,” according to deadline.com and are planning a live-action horror-comedy tv series based on it.

It’s going to be about a family that, through whatever twist of fate brings the burden upon them, must fight evil forces from taking over New Jersey and the world. (Those of us raised here always suspected the way to conquer the planet was through the Dirty Jerz.)

And the coolest thing is all of it is set in Jersey. With all the film and television tax breaks and incentives the Garden State offers, I sincerely hope it will be filming on location here. It will be hard to watch if we find out they shot a Gates of Hell episode at an aqueduct in Los Angeles rather than in Passaic County.

Anyway, we all have a native duty to at least give this show a shot when it comes out. It’s being described as “Stranger Things” meets “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.” If there aren’t viewing parties with pizza and pork roll I’m going to feel let down.

Oooh! What if we held a viewing party at Midgetville!

If anyone could finally find it. Nah, how would we ever get a big screen TV in there?

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