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Along with the extended warranties listed above, Audi owners may opt for Term Protection and certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle service protection. While these coverage plans may be less extensive than the ones mentioned above, they may be ideal for certain drivers.

The Audi Term Protection warranty covers parts and labor for wearable components for up to 6 years/72,000 miles. It includes components that typically get excluded from vehicle service contracts, such as brake pads, belts and hoses, windshield wipers and wheel alignments.

If you’re looking at a CPO Audi, it’s worth considering one of the three choices for CPO vehicle service protection. Drivers who purchase one of these Audi extended warranty plans receive up to 8 years/120,000 miles of comprehensive used car warranty coverage.

Most Audi extended warranty plans come with the choice of $0, $100, $250 or disappearing deductible options. Audi Term Protection coverage has no deductible, while all CPO extended warranties carry an $85 deductible per visit.

If you decide to sell your car, all Audi extended warranty options can be transferred to the next owner for a $50 fee. You may be able to increase the resale value of your Audi if it’s covered by an extended vehicle protection plan.

What’s Not Covered?

While the vast majority of car parts receive coverage under an Audi extended warranty, there are a few exceptions. We’ll mention some of the most common parts that get left out below.

  • Damages caused by an accident, theft or vandalism: It’s common for car insurance policies to protect vehicles in these situations, but an Audi extended warranty won’t.
  • Wear-and-tear parts: Unless you purchase Audi Term Protection, wear-and-tear components will be your responsibility.
  • Environmental damages: Issues due to hail, flooding and other environmental events will be covered by some auto insurance policies, but not by an Audi extended warranty.
  • Regular maintenance needs: Audi owners must cover routine maintenance needs such as tire rotations and oil changes. 
  • Issues caused by improper maintenance or modifications: An Audi extended warranty will be voided if you fail to maintain your vehicle properly. Making improper modifications and tampering with your car’s odometer also lead to loss of coverage.

It’s important that owners take care of their cars properly to maintain an Audi extended warranty. Also, keep in mind that vehicle service contracts protect against mechanical breakdowns and not unexpected circumstances such as accidents and hail.

Added Benefits

Every Audi extended warranty comes with perks that help in the event of a breakdown. While it’s better to avoid using these, you’ll receive the following benefits with Audi Pure Protection or CPO vehicle service protection:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Towing reimbursement
  • Battery jump-starts
  • Fuel deliveries
  • Lockout assistance
  • Flat-tire services

Additionally, you’ll gain access to rental car reimbursement and trip interruption services with all …….

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