What to do with your Old Car when Moving Abroad – Foreign Policy 2018

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What to do with your Old Car when Moving Abroad – Foreign Policy

Moving abroad can be a daunting process that will require you to settle the properties you will be leaving behind. Be it your house, your small business, or even your not-so-valuable properties – they will all matter if you plan to move out for good. But for most people, one of the biggest worries they have is the disposal of their old cars. This decision can be tough to make if your car has sentimental value. It may be old, but it doesn’t imply it’s useless. Leaving it parked in a garage may not be the best decision as the battery may go dead and the parts may deteriorate. This is why you need better options that you can explore before leaving.

There are several ways on how to deal with your car. Below are some options you can do with your old vehicle when moving abroad.

1. Sell It To An Auto Wrecker


Selling your old car should be one of the easiest things you can do when moving abroad. You can list it on an online platform, create ads for …….

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