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Nine of the 10 Formula 1 teams have brought upgrades for this weekend’s British Grand Prix, but Williams’ is by far the biggest of all.

Only one of Williams’ drivers, Alexander Albon, will run the update at this weekend’s race and next week’s Austrian Grand Prix. The team has brought a revised front wing, floor, diffuser, engine cover, rear suspension and other parts for its FW44.

Several other teams have brought major upgrade packages as Formula 1 begins the first of a series of races on tracks which place a premium on high-speed performance and cornering.

Red Bull have repackaged the rear of their RB18 which they say will give them a broader range of cooling options. Alpine have also brought a new specification engine cover for their A522, aimed at improving the air flow to the car’s rear end.

Mercedes have also brought the latest in a series of aerodynamic changes for their W13 as they seek to unlock more performance from their troubled design. Only AlphaTauri have come to Silverstone with an entirely unchanged car.


Mercedes rear wing, Silverstone, 2022

Front Suspension

Reason for change: Performance – flow conditioning

Difference: “Volume added to side of chassis local to pushrod and [front top wish bone] rear leg, along with fillet extensions where these legs meet the chassis.”

Description: “Downwashes the flow local to the chassis side, shedding a vortex which then goes on to improve the flow underneath the floor.”

Sidepod Inlet

Reason for change: Performance – flow conditioning

Difference: “Repositioned vanes on side of chassis ahead of sidepod.”

Description: “Improves flow alignment of these vanes, which in turn improves flow quality into the radiator duct and hence also cooling performance.”

Floor Body

Reason for change: Performance – local load

Difference: “Increased floor edge wing slot forward and increased camber of forward portion.”

Description: “Increased camber drops pressure locally to increase floor edge loading, this in turn increases forward floor load.”

Rear Wing

Reason for change: Performance – drag reduction

Difference: “Reprofiled wing tip (reduced camber).”

Description: “Aim to reduce wing load efficiently; this has been applied to our medium downforce wing and is track-specific.”

Floor Body

Reason for change: Performance – flow conditioning

Difference: “Realigned bib wing [angle of attack].”

Description: “Generates local load – the update was to improve flow alignment and hence improve flow quality under the floor.”

Floor Body

Reason for change: Performance – local load

Difference: “Small camber change to forward floor fence.”

Description: “Increases the pressure delta across the fence, which increases local floor load and also improves the flow to the diffuser.”

Red Bull

Red Bull, Silverstone, 2022

Front Corner

Reason for change: Reliability

Difference: “Calliper temperature management”

Description: “changes to the assembled calliper to avoid hot spots caused by local convection and conduction from higher temperature items in close proximity.”

Coke/Engine Cover

Reason for change: Circuit specific – cooling range

Difference: “revisions to the upper portion of the top body”

Description: “Engine cover changes to broaden the cooling range for Silverstone as well as upcoming circuits with quite differing demands.”

Floor Edge

Reason for change: Performance – local load

Difference: “floor edge geometry revision”</…….

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