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Ways to stay warm in your car during travel

As Winter Storm Landon makes its way across the U.S., many still have to travel on the road. Here are a few ways to help you stay warm during your car commute.

  1. Have thermal blankets on hand

If you need to spend a period in your car with the engine and heat off, you’ll want something to keep you warm, especially if the temperature outside is dangerously low. Thermal blankets are a great asset because they can store in compact spaces like glove boxes or backpacks.

2. Store warm clothing in the car

Bundling up in winter gear is an easy way to stay warm in your car as well. Along with making sure you’ve got your winter coat handy, use other accessories like your gloves, scarves, and hats to bundle up when needed. The key to staying warm is by layering up, so you may even want to have a thermal long-sleeve shirt, leggings, or long johns available.

3. Keep an eye on your fuel levels

Try to get gas before you begin your travel. If you find yourself stuck in your car for more than a few hours and you start running low on fuel, you may want to get strategic about how you’re using it. AAA says you should only run the engine and heater long enough to remove the chill if you need to heat your car. While running your vehicle, set your temperature controls to the warmest setting possible—when you turn your engine off. The warm air in your vehicle will only be retained for a little while. Just be sure that your car’s exhaust isn’t clogged with snow or any other obstruction, as this could lead to carbon monoxide gas leaking into the vehicle as the engine runs.

4. Add a warm steering wheel cover

A steering wheel cover is an excellent investment for a cold winter. A soft and fuzzy steering wheel cover can help to keep your hands warm, especially if you don’t have a supply of hand warmers or mittens on you.



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