With thefts up almost 300% nationally, three county auto businesses partner with Los Altos police to help thwart catalytic converter thieves – Mountain View Voice

May 9, 2022 by No Comments

Although standard etching is free, anti-theft devices or bracket installations are not and the program does not pay for installations.

Replacing a converter can cost a person up to $4,000, police said.

Data from State Farm Insurance claims showed that during the COVID-19 pandemic, thefts in catalytic converters rose drastically by 293% nationwide from June 1, 2020, to June 30 2021.

California has been the state hit hardest by these thefts, with State Farm paying over $10.8 million for 4,507 catalytic converter theft claims. That number drastically increased last year to $23 million paid for 9,057 theft claims, according to State Farm data.

According to police, thieves target these car parts because they contain expensive materials that have a street value up to $250. Removal can take less than a minute.

Appointments are required for the service and people are asked to mention the program when seeking assistance.

Any automotive business owners wanting to join the program should contact Detective Fantozzi at [email protected]

Source: https://www.mv-voice.com/news/2022/05/09/with-thefts-up-almost-300-nationally-three-county-auto-businesses-partner-with-los-altos-police-to-help-thwart-catalytic-converter-thieves


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